GDPR Compliance as a Service


Gecko Compliance

Introducing a fresh perspective on compliance. The GDPR deadline of 25th May 2018 is looming, and many businesses have still done nothing or very little to address their compliance. This may be for good reason, but in many cases, it is because it is daunting and clarity on where to start is elusive.

At Gecko Compliance, we have targetted simplicity and pragmatism. Instead of offering a consulting service based upon either a package of days or a per day rate, we have carefully segmented the requirements and divided the journey description into bite-sized pieces. We have recorded snippets of video that explain the journey piece by piece, and similarly, video to help you to undertake the necessary auditing and documenting of your particular compliance set up, with “how to” guides.

A forum has been created to bring together like-minded individuals to help and support each other across their particular industry sector, and we have a presence on many social platforms as well as a published phone number in case you want to speak to someone (as is often the case)

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or drop me a note here. And if you want to begin by following a strategy of building awareness – you can get your staff onboard with compliance training that you can record as part of your journey to demonstrate compliance here